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ABOUT the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation

The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization, created in 2000, focuses on improving how children learn, and how teachers and parents teach.

Life Learning Techniques in Action

Our goal is to expand the success of children, their families, and teachers through the integration of Artistic and Holistic Life Learning Techniques; and to broaden their imagination in the classroom and at home.

Our efforts focus on at-risk urban and rural youth, pre-k through grade 12. Unique in many ways, this foundation integrates different modalities of learning found in Life Learning techniques to address the following areas:

Improve educational environmental health, by enriching the classroom learning environment, through the use of Artistic and Holistic Life Learning Techniques.

Craft educational models which are sustainable and duplicatable for both the classroom and the home learning environment.

Improve the academic achievement of at-risk children and engage in the statistically validated documentation of outcomes and causal links.

Engage in positive youth development through the teaching of Life Learning Techniques. This includes developing a mentor-coach relationship while teaching leadership skills, personality recognition and the crafting of one’s vision.

Exposing at-risk rural youth to a variety of musical styles and cultures via distance learning technology.

We use measurable outcomes to evaluate how children learn. Our own Life Learning Techniques are research based and have already been used in the field to improve:

1. Educational Achievement.
2. Self-concept.
3. Young children’s brain development.

Additionally, research shows that our techniques affect the health of all ages in a positive way. Reduced stress and a broader and happier approach to life in general are the kinds of by products our children, teachers, and parents are experiencing. Knowledge, which is understood and experienced, is powerful. Guiding children, teachers, and parents to see themselves as champions is one of the first steps in creating life long learners. Expanding their imagination is the next step in showing them how to “strive for excellence” as a way of life.

Read more about our History and Objectives.

Enrique C. Feldman, Founder and President   


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